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Server TPS (Lag)

Server TPS

Changed OoT server to...


But.. its an ALL OUT PVP FRENZY!!

krispykremeSP well.. that's one way to silence the voices lol ...
Azzamno1 i will back when my Art Project done or when i free ..usually friday and saturday
liangming YAY OLD GANON BACK!!!!!!!!!!!but also yay dragon nest SEA = new class XD so gonna not play ganon for a while~
This is the year... that minecrafts bubble popped. (see googles minecraft trend and prediction)
No one wants survival... just minigames and some sort of progression ranks with classes...

so I am making a site on how to do it.

I, and a lot of devs, are tired of hearing people.. over and over.. how did you do that? How can I do that? I just came on to your server so you can help me with myrpg or rpgleveling or phatloots or anything else lol.

So.... I am more focused on is a site dedicated to helping others make such a server for them. I will talk about ALL my secrets and ALL tricks that I have used in the past (we were a 150 player base in 2012, max players I could hold at the time lol)

There will be a forum and some other social things. You can hang out there and talk about anything you may know too.

I plan on the site being pretty big, since there is a HUGE demand for server help... and no one giving it out. Everyone is to much of a lil bitch to help xD

So I, Alan Son of Greyjoy, will head to the call! xD
darksmite LONG LIVE GANONCRAFT (I will quit MineCraft if Alan abandon it)
danhunk and in the end Long Live Ganoncraft! -Dan
danhunk Well gl on ominecraft lets hope this issue is better in the summer
Adding a pixelmon server!

Things you need to login


Forge 1.6.4

How to 

Instal Forge FIRST
Double click on the jar file.
Click on 'Install Client'

Then put the pixelmon mod and customnpcs mod into your mods folder in

Then start your minecraft! Choose the Forge profile, and away you go!

This works for cracked clients too.
VeniNekNek Wow,I remember when it was only 1.4.6
danhunk and use this texturepack such less lag with it I suggest turning off the sound though ...
danhunk If Ur Lagging Download ...

Server IP change

AlanGreyjoy a posted Apr 8, 14
Sorry... had to do it.


Still testing other ways.
darksmite Alan!!! Add MCMMO!!!!!! It works well with lore stats (It help by doubling the damage done by lore items)
liangming new ip + a server hub.....whats gonna be added to the server hub??? =D

New server is up

AlanGreyjoy a posted Apr 6, 14
So, after about 6 hours of learning how to use centOS, I finnaly got the webserver to launch (so i can use McMyAdmin) and uploaded a test world and started the server.

Man is it faassstt!

A 100kb schematic loads and pastes in like 4 seconds!

Server chunks load extremly fast too!

Its been a looong night for me... never used a linux distro OS like this before. 100% no gui lol. So its a tough learning curve for me.

But, I am uploading our server files to it right now. I have a lobby map ready, wild, and the oot map ready now. 

Still need to setup mysql databases and then we are all set!

So far we will host MineZ, a Hunger Games, QuakeCraft, and a few others. 

Best of all... it will still be cracked! Not many... if at all... is there a cracked server with a hub and mulitple servers to play games on xD

Stay tunned!

You'll know when you connect like normal... and you're in the new server ;)
Xcrafter123 So thats why the server is down and I wont be on for a few days so ya ...
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